Congo Crypto Post is an online journal for crypto enthusiasts. As a platform, we intended to make the crypto market as accessible and useful as possible for anyone with an interest in learning about it.

    Congo Crypto Post is a website. The website consists of a news aggregator and news & articles provided by the editorial office.

    The mission of Congo Crypto Post is to help society understand and to apply crypto technologies successfully.
    Congo Crypto Post values are freedom, authenticity and decentralization of information.
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    Congo Crypto Post aggregates news and articles from sources in the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and fintech. The list of sources is always growing: there are more than 300 websites.

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    Congo Crypto Post shows crypto prices in real time. Data is taken from CoinMarketCap. You can monitor price fluctuations and compare the dynamics with the news background. You can pin all the cryptocurrencies of interest and track them only, as well as watch the prices on different exchanges. Also Crypto News has alerts in order not to miss breaking price changes.

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